Starting to Read Bahasa #1

I have yet to start with Bahasa Melayu phonics. But I found a great start to it!

Abu Ada Ayam!

I've read about it plenty of times. So when I saw it on YouTube and play it to them, I agree its a super smart way to start phonics, before you start with the books.

Its best if you pluck it on your TV because they can enjoy it on a big screen.

And I love it best because I can sing it to them anywhere and anytime!

I've memorized most of it anyway, and each time I marvel at the smart way we can teach reading without making it look like 'teaching'. We know how children loves songs, they will be able to memorize these phonics sounds quicker than flashcard!

Even the adik loves it.. khusyuk je! And when I sing it to her in the car, she grins in recognition

I intend to buy the set in the near future. For the time being download this on YouTube first. Do try it! Nanti nak start ajar baca buku senang, insyaAllah.


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