The Journey Begins

I am first Allah's slave. This is a journey to a place I yearn to be with all my heart.
Allah is my Lord. Every single thing i do is for Allah, to please Him and obtain His redha.
My every second is His, to think of Him, to obey Him, to Love Him, to fear Him.

I am second a wife. A companion of a very special man whom i gave my whole heart to. My every action is to prioritize him. To obey all his orders believingly. To love him and pray for him.

I am third a mother. To love and believe in my little one. To pray for her and think good thoughts of her. To instill in her the pupose of life, and shower her with all the right love. To put her need before mine. To give and value her rights.

I believe in my family. My greatest treasure. Ya Allah hear my plead,
protect our iman and one day gather us together in Your Blessings.

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