Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah

The First Few Weeks

Despite the drama in the morning for the first month, it is fascinating to see the new things Airin picked up at school, as she would happily repeat it at home.

One day, she came to me and say quietly, Ummi nak bisik. As I kneel down to her, she cupped my ears and whisper softly, "Jadi anak yang soleh! fuuuh" and blow in my ears. And gave me a big grin. Loved it, bcoz she enjoyed me doing it to her too. Thank you Dzul Iman!

And when I do something for her, she'll say "Thank you Ummi, may Allah bless you!"

Once she was talking to her dolls, and I heard her say, "Allah kan Maha Melihat"
I can see she has been introduced to many new terms, as can be heard in this video.

Recently I heard her repeat, As-Samii'un, Allah Maha Mendengar, Allah the All Hearing.
These are all the things I have never taught her before.

And the best part is, she is always repeating bacaan dalam solat. We have not taught her bacaan solat except for al-fatihah and a few surah lazim, but Masyaallah, after a month at school (tu pun on off school) she can now repeat almost all the bacaan, cuma not at the right places. That is how good a child's memory is. And of course I think Dzul Iman kindergarten repeats solat plenty a  times a day. Aganya sebab tu terbawa-bawa sampai kat rumah.

One weekend I heard her say "Sahaja aku solat Dhuha empat rokaat kerana Allah Taala". It startled me and serves me a huge reminder. Soon, she'll grow up, and what her parents doesn't do, might very well be meaningless to her.

Saaayang Ummi, kerana Allah. She likes to say.

I guess just about now is a good benchmark for your child's kindy. Kalau dah masuk 3 months and you don't hear much from them of school, then it might be the time to rethink the kindy choice.  I know of a parent who once moved her child after 6 months despite paying Rm2k registration fee because her child still cannot read and 'macam tak belajar apa'. I am not so concern (yet) about reading, but things they do at school, should be in their mind at home too, it shows a positive feedback. 

Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah

Love the fact they emphasize the importance of muallimah as much as the children!

Alhamdulillah I highly recommend Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah, with its Didik Anak Ikut Sunnah concept. They integrate Islamic teaching in all their activities and play (You'd know a place doesn't when they have special agama class). But not only that, they make it a norm to use many islamic terms, which comes of course with teachings of akidah and akhlak. To have love Allah, love Islam, love Rasulullah s.a.w. notion as the basis in every single thing your child do from the time they step into till the time they leave the school, in such a carefree enjoyable way is exactly what I wish for my children. Akhlak and Akidah is number 1 on our priority list!

Oh, they do good reading too! Within a month Airin has finished 5,6 pages of Qiraati and Malay phonics. And they are very interactive with the parents as well, showing progress reports once in 2 months and giving us parents story books to read over the weekend.

I love that its not all about the children. They have this free Khalifah Parenting course which we attended last month. A great one, I teared the whole time. booo. Ustazah Hanani Saman was the speaker, and I'll never forget how much an impact her words has given me. She got me within 5 minutes of her speech, basically. Hopefully I can share it soon. The foundation with which they build the school, is very much similar to what I felt about parenting. 

Found a status on FB from a mother who has a daughter in Airin's school

And I loved that they have usrah for the ustazahs on weekends. I was quite disappointed initially, to learn that even though the principle/owner of the branch we went to is the kind ustazah, the other two young teachers aren't (of course, coz they are still too young, which is good as teens love playing with kids). But then its a great comfort to know of this effort. Bringing up the muallimah is as important, if not more, than nurturing the kids. May you blossom into beautiful muslimah, my dear Kakak's ustazahs, I love you for the sake of Allah, thank you for taking care of my daughter. For the whole day >.< While I'm so busy attending to other not as important but so time and energy consuming T_T May Allah bless.

New spiritual guide for Teacher's Usrah Circle 

March, 2014

Come the third month, she has no problem going to school everyday. So it was a 2 months adjustment period thing. Sure, she still ask with a bright smile on her face like 20 times on Saturday and Sunday, "Harini cuti ke?", yet she doesn't object to going to school anymore. Alhamdulillah.

Ummi is still looking for the best school for you post kindergarten. Semoga Allah permudahkan, Amiin.

Kakak Speaks #5

Time flew doesn't it. One minute your child is waddling her way around the house saying babababa and you feel like it's going to last forever, and the other minute she's already insisting she can open her own baju (very noisily; and be mad if I help her do it) and you try hard to remember how she looked like at 10 months old..

It won't be long till she's saying things like how fun it is at school and she sayang this friend and that friend. For now its only saaaayang umi sangat2 a few times a day. And Ummi this and Ummi that. *sob*.

That's a fact we have to face. I will be in her heart less and less once she depends on me less, but her dependency on Allah must be stronger, and takes my place in her heart. She must have that 'kekuatan dalaman', which, as the person given a white piece of cloth to be designed, we parents are the one responsible for, right? Sigh.
Ever second counts, never forget that. Each precious moment you get to spend with your loved one, every second, is a chance for you to mold that piece of dough you have in your hands, until it become a beautiful exquisite piece. But you have to do it quick, as it hardens as time goes by, and there will come a time when you can't mold it no more...

So, wanted to record the type of things kakak says at the age of 3 and a half..

Case #1

After mandi, as I am about to pakaikan her bedak, she suddenly exclaim,

Kakak : Eh kejap kejap..!!
Me : Nape kakak?
Kakak : Mana ni.. kakak punya ubat hati..? *kelam kabut cari*
Kakak : Abi kata lepas mandi kena letak ubat hati!
Me : Ubat hati?? Apa tu?
Kakak : Ubat hati kakak, mana ni..

After a while..
Kakak : Ha nilah dia.. ubat hati kakak.. 
Showing a bottle of Vicks.

Case #2

Not proudly, me and DH were ehem, bickering about something (discussing je actually ;p)

Kakak : Isy, gaduh je Ummi ngan Abi ni. Tak ikut sunnah. Orang ikutlah Nabi atau Rasulullah..!
With a scolding tone and facial expression.

(I don't think I've ever use that sentence on her! Yelah coz she never gaduh with anyone yet)

Fuh, it's a strong reminder for us. I can still see her as-menyampah-as-cutely-possible face going 'hmmhhh tak ikut sunnah!!'. Bickering infront of her again will send signals that sunnah doesnt matter, teaching and explaining is one thing, but actually carrying it out carries a much heavier weight!!

Case #3

Once, someone close to us, scolded her, and later at our home we discuss about it. My intention is to remind her of her wrongdoing.

Me : Kakak, tadi Nekbu marah kakak kan? Kenapa ye?
Kakak : (knowingly) Huh, ada syaitan la tu kat Nekbu tu, sebab dia marah-marah kakak..


We explain that bad behavior comes from syaitaan's whisper, still it can be mildly uncomfortable when she cooly relates a lot of things with that fact, huhu. At one time she often included it in her story telling sessions with her dolls. Scary! Tapi betul lah kan.. it helps a lot too. As last resort to pujuk her do things she refuse it always work.

Anyway, families have said, at age of 3 and a half, Kakak is a very kind hearted child, very seldom scold her adik even though adik do macam-macam to her like step on her and pull her hair. Good natured. Very sweet and so oftenly ask me whether I am mad at her and say sorry to me for no real reason. Cuma cepat merajuk je now especially when she sees me cuddling her sister.

She'll be in school next year. Must start my solat hajat now for her, may she be in a place that truly helps her to be a true muslimah. Most importantly, to find a pendidik that will show her the best akhlak and be amongst friends who help each other understand.

To make it easier for me, I taught her to say this now whenever she wants my attention and I am unfortunately attached to my annoying phone.. "Ummi ni.. sayang kakak ke sayang handphone?". It works every time!

Jotting Down Memories

It is already entering November. And as a present to myself, I'm going to recommence this journey of jotting down anecdotes of the most special moments I am ever going to have my whole life. I owe this to myself.

It's true you know. According to this book I just started reading, the earliest years of one's child are the most precious. For we'll never get back that dependency they have in us now, hanging on to our every word and following our every thoughts and belief.  

Super meaningful read

Just like we'll never get back that attention they so crave from us right now. So stop playing with that phone now and give them that attention they deserve. There will come a time when we will desperately want them to talk to us and simply share ideas yet they'd be too busy with their own lives. The time will come.

It will be exactly these moments that we are going to miss most.

There are so many moments that I had missed jotting down. Every time it happen, after I had a super good laugh about it, I would promised myself I'ld blog it, but of course procrastination kills it. So yeah, I won't be getting those moments back, thank you very much.

An Islamic scholar I am sure everyone knows, Hassan al-Banna, pengasas Ikhwanul Muslimin, was the busiest man in his time. As written by his own children, Hassan al-Banna was once known to say he has more responsibilities then the time he had. Looking at his contributions to the ummah we can be sure his was a life well spent. Yet he, had a special jurnal for each one of his child.

Ahmad Saiful Islam, anak lelaki Hassan al Banna, menceritakan bagaimana beberapa sifat peribadi Hassan al Bannan semasa beliau masih hidup lagi. Antaranya beliau sangat menjaga dan memerhati perkembangan anak-anaknya. Setiap anaknya mempunyai fail khas yang ditulis oleh beliau sendiri. Di dalam fail tersebut terkandung maklumat seperti maklumat-maklumat perubatan anak-anaknya, sijil-sijil pelajaran bersertakan catitan-catitan tentang kemajuan pembelajaran mereka. Hukuman yang paling berat pernah beliau kenakan kepada anak-anaknya hanyalah cubit telinga. Sifat pemurah kepada anak-anaknya dilihat apabila beliau memberikan wang saku kepada mereka sebanyak 3 Qurusy berbanding kanak-kanak lain yang puratanya mendapat suku atau setengah Qurusy sahaja daripada ibu bapa mereka.
Beliau menyediakan satu perpustakaan khas buat Ahmad Saiful Islam. Ini adalah antara proses pentarbiahan beliau kepadanya. Beliau tidak melarang Saiful Islam membaca apa-apa jenis bahan bacaan, malahan memberi bacaan lebih baik untuk dibaca oleh Saiful apabila selesai membaca bahan bacaan diminatinya.

Its significance must have been huge. I think one of it is as something that will ease our hearts at times of troubles we will have in later years, watching them grow. It's be these moments that we will go back to, in search for that strength. To look back and see the purpose and hope we have had for them at the starting of their young pure lives. It is this purpose too, that we have to instil in our hearts now and make sure it grows stronger as they grow up. As Ustazah  NorHafizah says, kesabaran dalam rumahtangga yang pertama sekali ialah kesabaran dalam menentukan hala tuju rumahtangga. It sounds easy, but looking at those words, we know it ain't easy, and just how much we have done so far.

So, Allah wills, insyaAllah, jotting down anecdotes is going to be made easy with blogging!

Children Nasyid #3

I found two nasyid, with fun videoclips (oh no is that what people call it? dah lupa, LOL) to share with our children. Kakak, even Safa loves it, requested for it again and again. Memang best. Its an indonesian nasyid, and I think Indonesian nasyid are still the best kind there are out there.

Assalamualaikum - by Opick

Rindu Muhammadku - Haddad Alwi

Even tho the second one ada a bit inappropriate part (the rapping part); it still manage to make me teary, everytime ^_^

Starting to Read Bahasa #1

I have yet to start with Bahasa Melayu phonics. But I found a great start to it!

Abu Ada Ayam!

I've read about it plenty of times. So when I saw it on YouTube and play it to them, I agree its a super smart way to start phonics, before you start with the books.

Its best if you pluck it on your TV because they can enjoy it on a big screen.

And I love it best because I can sing it to them anywhere and anytime!

I've memorized most of it anyway, and each time I marvel at the smart way we can teach reading without making it look like 'teaching'. We know how children loves songs, they will be able to memorize these phonics sounds quicker than flashcard!

Even the adik loves it.. khusyuk je! And when I sing it to her in the car, she grins in recognition

I intend to buy the set in the near future. For the time being download this on YouTube first. Do try it! Nanti nak start ajar baca buku senang, insyaAllah.

Furqan Video

You got to love this! I definitely do!

I bought Easyread Furqan series a long time ago. It came with 4 books and a CD. And we played it plenty of times before Kakak could speak. Like, when she was 1 year old. There are 4 nasyids in it. 

I have forgotten the CD until recently, when we started the book. Found it on YouTube. And since the CD is in the car somewhere, I download it from YouTube and played it on it TV.

Saw how her eyes widen in recognition and she smiled happily at some distant memory. Now that she actually understands it, she really enjoys it! So its true how we should start these things, tarbiyatul islam,  from young. You'll rip its benefits as time passes.

Its fun for her because she recognized the letters in the video. But the best part for me is, often, after watching the video, she'll shout, "Ummi nak baca buku alif ba ta!!" And run to get the book.


Its a magic I can never pull! MasyaAllah.

P/s: I just remembered, the older version of Furqan series (like mine) came with an audio only CD, the current version comes with a Video CD. This clip from YouTube is actually only the trailer of the video CD. Maybe I can purchase only the VCD somewhere.

Asyik nak berpegang tangan dengan adik je

Starting to Read #4

After completing about half of Furqan 1 (all the baris atas), I am currently stuck at baris bawah. Since the flashcard are all of baris atas, it is understandable she could not comprehend that 'Ba' with tanda di bawah is pronounced 'Bi'. 

Got an idea of finding a nasyid of all three baris and I came up with this.

Could work right? Maybe after familiarizing how all the three baris sounds like it will click when she reads on her own.

It is actually not that hard to get her to read the book. She really enjoys it most of the time. Sometimes I even found her reading the book on her own. *melts. Most of the time I had to do some reminding, but its much easier than the flashcard.
And of course, banyak interruption la. Like..
La Wa. Haa.. laawaa? *grins.
Aa Ka. Haa? Akak? Dia kata kakaaak.. *grins and pats herself.
Ma.. Sa. Haa.. Maasaak? *grins.

Layankan jelah. Kadang-kadang rasa nak menangis nak habiskan satu page.

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