Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah

The First Few Weeks

Despite the drama in the morning for the first month, it is fascinating to see the new things Airin picked up at school, as she would happily repeat it at home.

One day, she came to me and say quietly, Ummi nak bisik. As I kneel down to her, she cupped my ears and whisper softly, "Jadi anak yang soleh! fuuuh" and blow in my ears. And gave me a big grin. Loved it, bcoz she enjoyed me doing it to her too. Thank you Dzul Iman!

And when I do something for her, she'll say "Thank you Ummi, may Allah bless you!"

Once she was talking to her dolls, and I heard her say, "Allah kan Maha Melihat"
I can see she has been introduced to many new terms, as can be heard in this video.

Recently I heard her repeat, As-Samii'un, Allah Maha Mendengar, Allah the All Hearing.
These are all the things I have never taught her before.

And the best part is, she is always repeating bacaan dalam solat. We have not taught her bacaan solat except for al-fatihah and a few surah lazim, but Masyaallah, after a month at school (tu pun on off school) she can now repeat almost all the bacaan, cuma not at the right places. That is how good a child's memory is. And of course I think Dzul Iman kindergarten repeats solat plenty a  times a day. Aganya sebab tu terbawa-bawa sampai kat rumah.

One weekend I heard her say "Sahaja aku solat Dhuha empat rokaat kerana Allah Taala". It startled me and serves me a huge reminder. Soon, she'll grow up, and what her parents doesn't do, might very well be meaningless to her.

Saaayang Ummi, kerana Allah. She likes to say.

I guess just about now is a good benchmark for your child's kindy. Kalau dah masuk 3 months and you don't hear much from them of school, then it might be the time to rethink the kindy choice.  I know of a parent who once moved her child after 6 months despite paying Rm2k registration fee because her child still cannot read and 'macam tak belajar apa'. I am not so concern (yet) about reading, but things they do at school, should be in their mind at home too, it shows a positive feedback. 

Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah

Love the fact they emphasize the importance of muallimah as much as the children!

Alhamdulillah I highly recommend Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah, with its Didik Anak Ikut Sunnah concept. They integrate Islamic teaching in all their activities and play (You'd know a place doesn't when they have special agama class). But not only that, they make it a norm to use many islamic terms, which comes of course with teachings of akidah and akhlak. To have love Allah, love Islam, love Rasulullah s.a.w. notion as the basis in every single thing your child do from the time they step into till the time they leave the school, in such a carefree enjoyable way is exactly what I wish for my children. Akhlak and Akidah is number 1 on our priority list!

Oh, they do good reading too! Within a month Airin has finished 5,6 pages of Qiraati and Malay phonics. And they are very interactive with the parents as well, showing progress reports once in 2 months and giving us parents story books to read over the weekend.

I love that its not all about the children. They have this free Khalifah Parenting course which we attended last month. A great one, I teared the whole time. booo. Ustazah Hanani Saman was the speaker, and I'll never forget how much an impact her words has given me. She got me within 5 minutes of her speech, basically. Hopefully I can share it soon. The foundation with which they build the school, is very much similar to what I felt about parenting. 

Found a status on FB from a mother who has a daughter in Airin's school

And I loved that they have usrah for the ustazahs on weekends. I was quite disappointed initially, to learn that even though the principle/owner of the branch we went to is the kind ustazah, the other two young teachers aren't (of course, coz they are still too young, which is good as teens love playing with kids). But then its a great comfort to know of this effort. Bringing up the muallimah is as important, if not more, than nurturing the kids. May you blossom into beautiful muslimah, my dear Kakak's ustazahs, I love you for the sake of Allah, thank you for taking care of my daughter. For the whole day >.< While I'm so busy attending to other not as important but so time and energy consuming T_T May Allah bless.

New spiritual guide for Teacher's Usrah Circle 

March, 2014

Come the third month, she has no problem going to school everyday. So it was a 2 months adjustment period thing. Sure, she still ask with a bright smile on her face like 20 times on Saturday and Sunday, "Harini cuti ke?", yet she doesn't object to going to school anymore. Alhamdulillah.

Ummi is still looking for the best school for you post kindergarten. Semoga Allah permudahkan, Amiin.

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