Sad Do'a

"Ya Allah,
Janganlah Engkau biarkan anak-anakku rosak diatas sbb kesalahan-kesalahan dan kejahilanku.."

Pray this with all my might.

Tarbiyatul Aulad #3 :Tips

I came across some useful Tarbiyatul Aulad tips, can be used on Newborn until 6,7 yrs old, the earlier the better:

1. Repeat as if teaching them to say 'Allah', for newborn

2. While dressing up, eating, writing, playing, etc, teach them to say 
'makan kerana.. Allah', 'mandi kerana Allah', 'menulis kerana Allah'.. 
when they understand words, include reasons on why we say it as well

3. Sebelum tidur make it a practice to say:
Allah Maha Hebat
Alah Maha Kuat
Allah Maha Gagah
Semua yang kita buat hanya kerana Allah
Semoga dengan mengulang-ulang ayat ringkas ini sebelum tidur akan melahirkan rasa izzah, takut dan kagum terhadap Allah rabbul 'izzati

4. Teach daily do'a but children learn best thru action! You cannot expect them to practice it in the long term if you don't practice it.

Of Videos, Story Telling, and Zikir

Children Nasyeed
It has been a while since I get to share here. A lot has happened,  a lovely new baby to adore, still these days I feel like I am passing the days too ideally. I need this space to motivate myself.

Today I'd like to share some children videos. We've been trying to feed and 'program' kakak with the right entertainment, but it has not been that easy. Try to compare children nasyids, most of it Indonesian (good job nonetheless), with the english nursery rhymes:

..and you can see what I mean :) Starting the nasyids early and consistently though, the innocent minds of children still enjoy these plain old nasyid clips most of the time. Still, at times, as they learn to choose, its only fitrah they would request those 'cartoons' and 'iloveyou' songs. What with its bright colours and cheerful tunes. It always make me wonder when will our genius IT consultants create islamic children nasyids. I mean, with everything we have now, isn't it time?

Alhamdulillah and jazakallah to these people who came up with these Haiya Biddoa clips. Its a collection of Doa in every 1 minute clip, super cute and fun to watch! Such a sight for the sore eyes. They have it in Malay, English, even Arabic.

I love it! Kakak likes it alright. I download it at just by pasting the you tube link, copied it into a pendrive, stick it behind the TV's LCD, and ta-daa! I think we can get 7, 8 short clips from you tube.
Cumanya.. its actually an Apple app. To get further benefits it has to be downloaded to an iPad, which we don't have! So it's just a few You Tube clips for us for now. From the apps they actually have 40 clips altogether.

Buat masa sekarang, Aplikasi Haiya BidDoa boleh dimuat turun untuk
platform Android & Apple iOS sahaja.

Aplikasi Haiya BidDoa Apple iOS
Jika Sharifah menggunakan peranti Apple iOS iaitu iPhone 4,
iPhone 4s dan iPad, Sharifah boleh memuat turun aplikasi ini
secara terus dari Apple App Store. Aplikasi ini dibangunkan
sebagai aplikasi Universal iaitu ia boleh di muat turun ke peranti
iPhone & iPad secara terus. Jika Sharifah mempunyai lebih dari
satu peranti iaitu mempunyai iPhone & iPad, Sharifah boleh memuat
turun kedalam kedua-dua peranti dengan hanya sekali pembelian dari
Apple App Store.

My strong resolution to not have iPad and such (to avoid children addiction) is starting to waver? Naaah :)

Story Telling
Thanks to DH encouragement and request, I have taken to story telling whenever I want to 'cool' kakak down. DH says mothers should always bercerita, it stays in children memories long long after, leaving very fond memories, a bond of such. MIL is always story telling kakak, everytime she pakaikan her clothes and sikatkan her hair. I love listening to it too. It doesn't actually matter what she says, simply listening to her voice and loving tone leaves such a warm and calming feeling :) It was not easy for me, I would think I am a bit of berat mulut, if not for the times I think I'm talking to myself when I was actually talking to DH??
Anyhow, I created this Fatimah character and create stories each with moral values like sharing. She loves it and say, 'kakak macam fatimah kan, slalu share kan?' with the cutest asking smile (a very important lesson for someone with a sibling!) and always ask me to cerita fatimah. So yeah, I think its worth all the penat bercerita! 
When she gets restless abi would say, 'ok, Ummi cerita kat kakak ye', and I'd be groaning inwardly, buat muka kesian and say.. 'harini dah dua kali dah cerita fatimah..' Knew better, and immediately renew my azam!

Even though the hijriah is going on not as fast as we hope, fret not, what is important is living the islamic environment right? Much to my surprise, at the age of 2 years 4 months, I heard this from her as she plays alone..
'hasbi rabbi jallallah, 
mafiqalbi 'airullah,
nur muhammad sallallah'

She can say lailaha illallah, alhamdulillah.
Doa makan (2yrs), doa bangun tidur almost (2yrs 4mnths).
She loves zikir too, everytime pasang selawat she'll say, 'macam kat rumah ibu kan, macam kat masjid kan', and sing along. Request for it too sometimes.

I've been replaying surah al-Ikhlas as she plays in front of the tv, as children picks up/absorbs a lot unconciously, she has yet to remember it except for the last 'word' at the end of each ayat.
Update : At 2 years 5 months she can read Al-Ikhlas (except for the last sentence tak lancar), and doa bangun tidur. But mesti repetition! Kalau miss repeat for 3 days pun blh lupa back to square one. Sungguhlah anak-anak ni ajar kita istiqamah!

What's important is having these penenang hati sounds around us all the time. If listening to it calms our soul, it definitely calm theirs too. Soften the heart, less rasa nak marah-marah, hopefully. InsyaAllah. Wallahualam.

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