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Alhamdulillah, today I am blessed with this collection of talks by Ustazah Norhafizah Musa. I don't know why, but her voice and words brings me so much comfort and warmth. She's so gentle, motherly, full of wisdom, and did wonderful job of filling my empty heart. Maybe it's just me, but do try to download at least one file and listen to it! Maybe it can do wonders for you too. One thing for sure, it will blow fresh air into how we look at our family, giving meaning to the sacrifices (okay, too embarrassing to use the word sacrifices), rather, giving a meaning to what we meant to do everyday.

Truly, it scares me sometimes when I realize the immense opportunities we have nowadays to be and do good. There is no excuse for not knowing things and be jahil anymore! As an international speaker once said, surely we in Malaysia CANNOT expect we will be given the same treatment or leniency by Allah when we are questioned on judgement day, for the things we did and things we did not. We have ustaz-ustazah people with ilmu, left and right, advising and pointing the obvious. Money and hardship is no longer a restriction, everything can be obtained free from the internet. Yup, one thing we also have are stronger forces of syaitan up down left and right.

Perhaps our only restriction is time. With so many duniawi things to do and kejar everyday, often it takes every ounce of strength to execute what our hearts know we should at the end of the day.

So many responsibilities and things to think about. So many sparkling and fascinating wonders dangling in front of us.

This is my theory - Perhaps every second spent on lagha/close to syubahah activity brings us further away from Allah's Ilmu, and Allah's redha. Not only it takes time away, the duniawi fun also closes our heart to the light of understanding Islam. 

Its like a child so use to hearing recitation of Quran (true story by Pn Lina Karim) hears the normal music we enjoy as noise, and another child brought up 'normally' in Malaysian household will one day say Quran recitation is boring.

We can try it. For one week, try to restrain yourself from the normal radio in the car, replacing it instead by Quran recitation, or even zikir or selawat CD such as these. 

It will be really hard at first, boring lah, mengantuk lah, but after a week you will feel the difference - dah tak rasa nak dengar the usual radio station! As in, tak dengar pun tak apa. Just make sure you don't turn off the CD when you switch off the engine so that the CD becomes the first thing you hear when you start the engine. Err, I hope it doesn't do too bad to the car.

Challenge yourself. And be strong to continue it. I know for some people it is easy, but it was not so for my berkarat heart, so use to thinking noise can give me joy and relieve stress kononnya, yet I know it is nothing but temporary. Indeed, in our hearts we know there is no better stress reliever than zikir and remembering Allah.

”(Iaitu) orang-orang yang beriman dan hati mereka manjadi tenteram dengan mengingat Allah. Ingatlah, Hanya dengan mengingati Allah-lah hati menjadi tenteram.” (QS Ar Ra’d [13]: 28)

From there you can see how today's worldly influences affects our actions to do good. By forcing ourselves away from these tipudaya syaitan and zionist, trust me, lama-lama, kita sendiri akan rasa seronok baca buku agama, baca dan tadabbur al-Quran, rasa dapat kepuasan and ketenangan just by listening to zikir and tazkirah. How else do you think hafiz hafizah survive without music and entertainment? You dont see them dying of boredome any day ;p So..
No 1 - Move away from the disturbance
No 2 - Force onto yourself the good habits
Just a theory, a reminder to myself..

You can also obtain talks by Prof Muhaya (another gifted speaker!) and many others from that website. May Allah give rezeki to those involved in spreading good.

Tarbiyatul Aulad #1

Let's make this promise everyday.
Let's make it a point to learn something new about tarbiyatul aulad fil islam (pendidikan anak-anak dalam islam) each day!
Our children are growing up too fast, learning hundreds of things everyday, the fact is it is us who are catching up with them. How prepared are we as parents?

Found a good article from this blog too (thank you adik!). I'm sure we have all done it, eventho knowing we should not. This is where perhaps spouse have to help each other. Who says being a parent is easy :) But it's all worth it when we look at the face of our baby girl/boy kan?


Konsisten ini sangat penting dalam modifikasi tingkahlaku. Nak buat peneguhan, dendaan, pelenyapan habit dan apa jua tingkahlaku baik yang kita nak wujudkan dalam diri manusia semua boleh guna teknik-teknik psikologi yang ada, tapi jika tak KONSISTEN (ISTIQAMAH) semua teknik pun takkan berjaya. Dalam mendidik anak-anak, displin yang konsisten memberikan mereka rasa perasaan selamat dan stabil. Inkonsistensi pula akan membuatkan anak-anak keliru dan dunia mereka jadi unpredictable.
Contoh tak konsisten yang sering dilakukan ibu bapa :
1) Cakap lain, buat lain- cth: “kalau tak makan sayur tak boleh main basikal”. Tapi bila kita rasa kesian, kita bagi jugak. Patut kena tegas dan konsisten.
2) Buat kenyataan yang kita tak maksudkan- cth: “kalau tak diam, abah berenti kereta, pi jalan kaki balik rumah!”- apa yang kita cakap biar kita benar-benar maksudkan, kalau tak anak tu buat main-main je nanti.
3) Penyataan yang berlebih-lebihan- cth: "tak kemas mainan, tak boleh tengok tv  sampai bila-bila" (err..logic ke cakap macamtu)
4) Ubah ‘tidak’ kepada ‘ya'- Ini terutamanya nak diamkan anak-anak yang menjerit-jerit kat kedai. Kalau kita tak mahu belikan mainan tu pada dia.. kena tegas, jangan lepas tu beli pula.
5) Tak check samada anak tu dah buat apa yang disuruh- cth: kita suruh dia kemas katil, terus check, dan lagi baik terus bagi peneguhan pada dia, cth cium atau peluk dia.. jangan tangguh-tangguh.. ini akan buat anak sentiasa ambil serius dengan arahan kita dan rasa dihargai
6) Incongruen/peraturan bercanggah- abah bagi makan askrim, ummi pula tak bagi.. mana satu ni? Patut pasangan kena sama-sama setuju pada satu-satu peraturan dan hormati, jangan remehkan peraturan yang ditetapkan pasangan anda kepada anak.
7) Tak maknakan sesuatu yang dikatakan - anak-anak ni menunggu je bila mak abah dia akan maknakan apa yang mereka kata. Cth : anak dia mencarut, “eippp, abah rotan kang” ..tapi tak buat-buat pun. Esok dia buat lagi.. abah dia cakap yang sama tapi tak buat pun.. jadi kita kena pastikan hukuman yang diperlukan (disini perlunya ilmu), dan bertegas.
8) Respon berbeza pada tingkahlaku yang sama- cth: adik sepahkan bilik, mak tak marah, kakak sepahkan bilik kena marah (ikut mood mak ketika itu, kalau rasa nak marah baru marah. Patut kena konsisten. Siapa pun sepahkan bilik kena marah)

Let me urge you once more, let's get this book. I'm starting my reading today!

Subhanallah.. a super must read!

Alhamdulillah Allah moved my heart to bring adik-adik to Alamanda yesterday, a must stop would be MPH, and upon browsing books, my eyes came across a book by Ustazah Norhafizah Musa. Immediately I smiled, knowing this, is an investment I would not regret. Even though I love books like children love chocolates, countless episodes of book buying have left me more cautious. I would usually pick at least 5 books, and after some filtering, buy one or two, or none at all. Apa taknya, there's a whole shelf of unread books waiting at home! But a book by this author, although wrapped, is one book I am so certain I would enjoy. 

Subhanallah, the first chapter itself left me sobbing with every line. Terbayang-bayang muka jernih anak tengah pandang penuh harapan, seolah-olah sedang berkata, sedarlah ummi, selamatkanlah Airin. I cried in hope, in relief, in repentance (keinsafan).  Perhaps its because I know how sincere she would sound in her ceramah, perhaps because of the preganancy hormones. 

One thing for sure, I felt so strongly it is something every mother, regardless of whether she wears tudung labuh or tudung singkat, felt, but didn't realise she has it in her. To quote, "Saya amat meyakini bahawa setiap ibu bapa mahukan anak-anaknya menjadi soleh walaupun sekali pandang, mungkin kehidupan ibu bapa itu sendiri jauh drpd panduan hidup al-Quran dan as-Sunnah. Tetapi.. takkanlah seorang ibu dan ayah ingin mewariskan keburukan dan kejahilan mereka kepada anak-anak." Apatah lagi kita, yang Allah dah bagi nikmat hidayah untuk sedar dan mahu sangat anak-anak terlepas dari gangguan dunia yang maha dasyat. Cuma manusia senang sangat alpa, dan hilang semangat. It is with this kind of reminder, that can help us enhance that semangat which comes with a mother's natural love. And trust me, I have read quite a number, yet this is the best so far. So much so I feel I couldn't waste another minute not sharing it even though I have yet to finish it. A definite must read as our bekalan, and penguat semangat.

Priced at only RM 23, and with discounts if you purchase it here, I hope you can find it at any MPH. One thing though : try to read it immediately. Its' small size, simple and easy on the eyes layout, and meaningful words is most effective if you read it with belief, a want to be a better mother, and a pouring love for your dear child.

Sidenote : If you have seen her before, or can see clearly Ustazah Norhafizah on the cover or heard her talk, can you believe she is actually a mother of 7 children?! MasyaAllah, she is definitely someone I wish I have the privilege to be a student to, one day. Amin.

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