Children Nasyid #3

I found two nasyid, with fun videoclips (oh no is that what people call it? dah lupa, LOL) to share with our children. Kakak, even Safa loves it, requested for it again and again. Memang best. Its an indonesian nasyid, and I think Indonesian nasyid are still the best kind there are out there.

Assalamualaikum - by Opick

Rindu Muhammadku - Haddad Alwi

Even tho the second one ada a bit inappropriate part (the rapping part); it still manage to make me teary, everytime ^_^

Starting to Read Bahasa #1

I have yet to start with Bahasa Melayu phonics. But I found a great start to it!

Abu Ada Ayam!

I've read about it plenty of times. So when I saw it on YouTube and play it to them, I agree its a super smart way to start phonics, before you start with the books.

Its best if you pluck it on your TV because they can enjoy it on a big screen.

And I love it best because I can sing it to them anywhere and anytime!

I've memorized most of it anyway, and each time I marvel at the smart way we can teach reading without making it look like 'teaching'. We know how children loves songs, they will be able to memorize these phonics sounds quicker than flashcard!

Even the adik loves it.. khusyuk je! And when I sing it to her in the car, she grins in recognition

I intend to buy the set in the near future. For the time being download this on YouTube first. Do try it! Nanti nak start ajar baca buku senang, insyaAllah.

Furqan Video

You got to love this! I definitely do!

I bought Easyread Furqan series a long time ago. It came with 4 books and a CD. And we played it plenty of times before Kakak could speak. Like, when she was 1 year old. There are 4 nasyids in it. 

I have forgotten the CD until recently, when we started the book. Found it on YouTube. And since the CD is in the car somewhere, I download it from YouTube and played it on it TV.

Saw how her eyes widen in recognition and she smiled happily at some distant memory. Now that she actually understands it, she really enjoys it! So its true how we should start these things, tarbiyatul islam,  from young. You'll rip its benefits as time passes.

Its fun for her because she recognized the letters in the video. But the best part for me is, often, after watching the video, she'll shout, "Ummi nak baca buku alif ba ta!!" And run to get the book.


Its a magic I can never pull! MasyaAllah.

P/s: I just remembered, the older version of Furqan series (like mine) came with an audio only CD, the current version comes with a Video CD. This clip from YouTube is actually only the trailer of the video CD. Maybe I can purchase only the VCD somewhere.

Asyik nak berpegang tangan dengan adik je

Starting to Read #4

After completing about half of Furqan 1 (all the baris atas), I am currently stuck at baris bawah. Since the flashcard are all of baris atas, it is understandable she could not comprehend that 'Ba' with tanda di bawah is pronounced 'Bi'. 

Got an idea of finding a nasyid of all three baris and I came up with this.

Could work right? Maybe after familiarizing how all the three baris sounds like it will click when she reads on her own.

It is actually not that hard to get her to read the book. She really enjoys it most of the time. Sometimes I even found her reading the book on her own. *melts. Most of the time I had to do some reminding, but its much easier than the flashcard.
And of course, banyak interruption la. Like..
La Wa. Haa.. laawaa? *grins.
Aa Ka. Haa? Akak? Dia kata kakaaak.. *grins and pats herself.
Ma.. Sa. Haa.. Maasaak? *grins.

Layankan jelah. Kadang-kadang rasa nak menangis nak habiskan satu page.

The Magic Thumbdrive

Received this today.
Anyone wants a thumbdrive full of recordings of :

1. Prof Dr Muhaya Mohamad - Islam Itu Indah IkimFM
Rakaman bermula tahun 2010, 2011, 2012 hingga terkini
Jumlah - lebih 110 rakaman

2. Ustazah Norhafizah Musa - Usrati IkimFM
Rakaman bermula tahun 2012 hingga terkini
Jumlah - lebih 55 rakaman

3. Ustaz Pahrol Mohd Juoi - Mukmin Profesional IkimFM
Rakaman bermula tahun 2012 hingga Jan 2013
Jumlah - 78 rakaman

4. Ustaz Muhamad Abdullah Al-Amin - Pesona D'Zahra IkimFM
Rakaman tahun 2011 hingga terkini
Jumlah - lebih 55 rakaman

Bonus: also from Ustaz Hasrizal, Ebit Lew, Ustaz Badlishah.

At just RM 35, this 8G thumbdrive is yours. If you have one of those mp3 player in your car, you can just pop it in on your way to work. Even at your lowest of iman, percayalah, Ilmu itu pelembut hati. Menadah hati untuk ilmu itu langkah pertama mendekati Allah. Dan dalam hadis Qudsi, selangkah kita cuba mendekati Allah, seribu langkah Allah akan menghampiri kita. Semoga Allah izinkan ia menjadi penyebab hidayah pada kita semua..

Click here for further info and to purchase

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