Kakak Speaks #5

Time flew doesn't it. One minute your child is waddling her way around the house saying babababa and you feel like it's going to last forever, and the other minute she's already insisting she can open her own baju (very noisily; and be mad if I help her do it) and you try hard to remember how she looked like at 10 months old..

It won't be long till she's saying things like how fun it is at school and she sayang this friend and that friend. For now its only saaaayang umi sangat2 a few times a day. And Ummi this and Ummi that. *sob*.

That's a fact we have to face. I will be in her heart less and less once she depends on me less, but her dependency on Allah must be stronger, and takes my place in her heart. She must have that 'kekuatan dalaman', which, as the person given a white piece of cloth to be designed, we parents are the one responsible for, right? Sigh.
Ever second counts, never forget that. Each precious moment you get to spend with your loved one, every second, is a chance for you to mold that piece of dough you have in your hands, until it become a beautiful exquisite piece. But you have to do it quick, as it hardens as time goes by, and there will come a time when you can't mold it no more...

So, wanted to record the type of things kakak says at the age of 3 and a half..

Case #1

After mandi, as I am about to pakaikan her bedak, she suddenly exclaim,

Kakak : Eh kejap kejap..!!
Me : Nape kakak?
Kakak : Mana ni.. kakak punya ubat hati..? *kelam kabut cari*
Kakak : Abi kata lepas mandi kena letak ubat hati!
Me : Ubat hati?? Apa tu?
Kakak : Ubat hati kakak, mana ni..

After a while..
Kakak : Ha nilah dia.. ubat hati kakak.. 
Showing a bottle of Vicks.

Case #2

Not proudly, me and DH were ehem, bickering about something (discussing je actually ;p)

Kakak : Isy, gaduh je Ummi ngan Abi ni. Tak ikut sunnah. Orang ikutlah Nabi atau Rasulullah..!
With a scolding tone and facial expression.

(I don't think I've ever use that sentence on her! Yelah coz she never gaduh with anyone yet)

Fuh, it's a strong reminder for us. I can still see her as-menyampah-as-cutely-possible face going 'hmmhhh tak ikut sunnah!!'. Bickering infront of her again will send signals that sunnah doesnt matter, teaching and explaining is one thing, but actually carrying it out carries a much heavier weight!!

Case #3

Once, someone close to us, scolded her, and later at our home we discuss about it. My intention is to remind her of her wrongdoing.

Me : Kakak, tadi Nekbu marah kakak kan? Kenapa ye?
Kakak : (knowingly) Huh, ada syaitan la tu kat Nekbu tu, sebab dia marah-marah kakak..


We explain that bad behavior comes from syaitaan's whisper, still it can be mildly uncomfortable when she cooly relates a lot of things with that fact, huhu. At one time she often included it in her story telling sessions with her dolls. Scary! Tapi betul lah kan.. it helps a lot too. As last resort to pujuk her do things she refuse it always work.

Anyway, families have said, at age of 3 and a half, Kakak is a very kind hearted child, very seldom scold her adik even though adik do macam-macam to her like step on her and pull her hair. Good natured. Very sweet and so oftenly ask me whether I am mad at her and say sorry to me for no real reason. Cuma cepat merajuk je now especially when she sees me cuddling her sister.

She'll be in school next year. Must start my solat hajat now for her, may she be in a place that truly helps her to be a true muslimah. Most importantly, to find a pendidik that will show her the best akhlak and be amongst friends who help each other understand.

To make it easier for me, I taught her to say this now whenever she wants my attention and I am unfortunately attached to my annoying phone.. "Ummi ni.. sayang kakak ke sayang handphone?". It works every time!

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