Starting to Read #4

After completing about half of Furqan 1 (all the baris atas), I am currently stuck at baris bawah. Since the flashcard are all of baris atas, it is understandable she could not comprehend that 'Ba' with tanda di bawah is pronounced 'Bi'. 

Got an idea of finding a nasyid of all three baris and I came up with this.

Could work right? Maybe after familiarizing how all the three baris sounds like it will click when she reads on her own.

It is actually not that hard to get her to read the book. She really enjoys it most of the time. Sometimes I even found her reading the book on her own. *melts. Most of the time I had to do some reminding, but its much easier than the flashcard.
And of course, banyak interruption la. Like..
La Wa. Haa.. laawaa? *grins.
Aa Ka. Haa? Akak? Dia kata kakaaak.. *grins and pats herself.
Ma.. Sa. Haa.. Maasaak? *grins.

Layankan jelah. Kadang-kadang rasa nak menangis nak habiskan satu page.


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