Furqan Video

You got to love this! I definitely do!

I bought Easyread Furqan series a long time ago. It came with 4 books and a CD. And we played it plenty of times before Kakak could speak. Like, when she was 1 year old. There are 4 nasyids in it. 

I have forgotten the CD until recently, when we started the book. Found it on YouTube. And since the CD is in the car somewhere, I download it from YouTube and played it on it TV.

Saw how her eyes widen in recognition and she smiled happily at some distant memory. Now that she actually understands it, she really enjoys it! So its true how we should start these things, tarbiyatul islam,  from young. You'll rip its benefits as time passes.

Its fun for her because she recognized the letters in the video. But the best part for me is, often, after watching the video, she'll shout, "Ummi nak baca buku alif ba ta!!" And run to get the book.


Its a magic I can never pull! MasyaAllah.

P/s: I just remembered, the older version of Furqan series (like mine) came with an audio only CD, the current version comes with a Video CD. This clip from YouTube is actually only the trailer of the video CD. Maybe I can purchase only the VCD somewhere.

Asyik nak berpegang tangan dengan adik je


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